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Health and Wellness
This section is devoted to health & wellness and also preventive medicine that are all important in our daily lives to keep us in better health and lead a healthy life style. In this section there will be links to many of the common medical diseases, conditions and ailments that we face in our society.  We would try to provide the best possible preventive suggestions and evidence based solutions or treatments.

Here team of doctor(s) or medical consultant(s) could be reached via a link only for second opinions and not the actual treatment(s). This service will be available for patients from here and abroad.

The less fortunate people of the Arsenic affected areas in our pilot programs will get free advice/consultations and possible treatments as well (funds permitting).

There would be continual updates as this site gets built
Please keep visiting
Disclaimer:  When second opinions(medical) are rendered via a linked board certified medical consultant(s), the patient has the sole responsibility of discussing the suggested matters with his or her own treating and or primary care physicians. Our medical consultant(s) can only provide suggestions based on factual records provided.
There may be minimal charges for the services provided and part of the fees will go towards the free clinics & treatments for the needy.  Consult recipients voluntarily may choose to donate for this worthy cause.
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