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Safe drinking water is for every one on the earth, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic condition. Safe drinking water and safer sanitation is of great  importance for mankind's health and well-being.

Ground water Arsenic contamination was found in many countries of
Asia, Latin America, and even in USA (see map). During 1960-1980's many affected countries were able to remove arsenic by necessary measures.  Worldwide the number of  people affected have been very low and has not been as dangerous as has been found in many villages in West Bengal, India and Bangladesh. In West Bengal and Bangladesh , millions of people have been affected and millions more are at very high risks.

Currently our commitment and long term goal is to reach out to the people of affected areas in West Bengal, India, where ground water arsenic levels are significantly and dangerously higher than maximum  World Health Organization(WHO) permissible levels of 0.05 mg/L.

The governmental agencies are trying its best to help but more help is needed and we as non governmental organization (NGO) will raise funds to help these innocent victims as well. Our primary focus is on the Health and Wellness issues of affected people and at the same time help villagers get arsenic free water in the most economical and environmentally safer ways. Our organization has also run free medical clinics in several arsenic affected areas of  West Bengal and we plan to expand on it.  
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